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God Still Speaks Radio is an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel of Hope on Long Island, New York. We here at GSS Radio hold everything that we do as to the highest of Standards. All things should be done to serve and glorify Jesus. This is not only the way radio ministry should be done, but how all ministries should be done. With God it is not enough to reach a goal or fulfill a task. With God the way you reach a goal or fulfill a task is just as important. With God the ends do not justify faulty means. The way ministry is done is important to God because His name is on the product! If ministry is done in a haphazard or unscriptural way it dishonors God and misrepresents Him. Moses found this out the hard way (Numbers 20:8-13) as did David and a fellow named Uzzah (2 Samuel 6). Therefore whatever ministry we are involved in should be done in the best way possible according to the attributes of ministry noted above. Anything less is not acceptable or worth being involved in. And worse, anything less is likely devoid of God’s involvement and dishonors God.
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